Help for Those who Experience Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction

It is healthy for people to understand their same-sex attractions
and make conscious lifestyle choices. This site can help you do that.


What is
Same-sex Attraction?


Same-sex attraction is an intense interest in others of the same gender. This interest may include desires for their attention, friendship, intimacy, and/or a fascination with their bodies and other gender traits. It may also include erotic thoughts, feelings, or behaviors. The term homosexuality refers to attractions, feelings, desires, sexual behavior, identity, and all its associated aspects, such as feelings of masculinity, self-perception, emotional dependencies, and relationship issues.

A person who experiences same-sex attraction may experience emotional and sexual feelings or attractions, whether or not he or she engages in sexual behavior.

Read a more complete description of what is same-sex attraction, including a description of attractions, identity, and behavior.


Why Do You Have
Same-sex Attraction?


Many factors contribute to the development of homosexual attractions. They are the result of a complex interaction of personality, biological inheritance, and developmental experiences.

People do not choose to have same-sex feelings. These attractions usually develop because of the factors mentioned above rather than any conscious choice.

Men do not develop same-sex attraction because they are afraid of women. Women do not develop same-sex attraction because they are afraid of men. Relationships with the opposite sex usually have little to do with same-sex attraction; instead, they have more to do with relationships with the same gender.

Read a more complete description of what causes same-sex attraction, including information about personality, biology, and developmental experiences.

How many people experience same-sex attraction?


What Can You Do About
Same-sex Attraction?


Determining how to respond to same-sex attractions is a personal choice that each individual must make according to his or her personal values and life situation.

Once you learn about What is Same-sex Attraction? and What Causes Same-sex Attraction?, you are ready to make decisions about what to do about your same-sex attractions.

The section What Can You Do About Same-sex Attraction gives advice on how to define your personal values and consider your options. Resources are provided to help you understand the impact of these choices.

The section responding to same-sex attractions discusses underlying issues that may be intensifying the same-sex attractions and provides information on how to resolve those issues.

How can family, friends, and church leaders help?


Resolving Homosexual Problems: A Guide for LDS Men by Jason Park. Written to Christian men who want to resolve their homosexual feelings. It provides practical solutions to resolve the issues they face.
Helping LDS Men Resolve their Homosexual Problems: A Guide for Family, Friends, and Church Leaders by Jason Park. This book gives family, friends, and church leaders ideas on supporting someone they love.
Understanding Male Homosexual Problems: An Introduction by Jason Park. For a quick overview, get this 48-page booklet that summarizes the information from the other two books.

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